Lab Services Specialist

John Rinker, DO

Family Medicine & Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine located in Pontiac, IL

To expedite results and your medical diagnosis, Dr. John Rinker, DO, in Pontiac, Illinois oversees all of the laboratory services for your whole family. The one-stop family clinic gives you access to comprehensive family health care and speedy lab results to get you back on track fast. Call now or book your appointment online.

Lab Services Q & A

What are laboratory services?

When Dr. Rinker believes it’s necessary, he might test your blood, urine, saliva, or feces to check for abnormalities, bacteria, parasites, or viruses.

To make it convenient for everyone in your family, Dr. Rinker does all the testing in-house and has them quickly delivered to a laboratory for the results. That saves you from having to go to another location to have blood drawn or specimens collected.

What types of laboratory services are available?

Dr. Rinker offers comprehensive laboratory testing in the following areas:

  • Allergies
  • Thyroid panel
  • Infectious diseases
  • Pregnancy
  • Kidney panel
  • Liver panel
  • Blood glucose tolerance
  • Urinalysis
  • Pediatric lab services
  • Strep
  • Influenza
  • RSV (a common and contagious respiratory virus)

What can I expect if I need laboratory services?

When Dr. Rinker orders lab work to learn more about what’s causing your illness or condition or as part of your annual exam, you’ll meet in a private area with one of his skilled nurses. Most lab testing only takes a few minutes.

The nurses and technicians understand that you may be uncomfortable. Using proper techniques and handling, they gently collect your blood, tissue, or culture. Depending on your needs and what Dr. Rinker orders, the nurse or technician may:

  • Request a urine sample
  • Draw your blood
  • Administer a throat culture
  • Give you instructions for a feces sample
  • Gather a sample of your saliva

After the specimens evaluated, the results automatically populate in your medical file. Dr. Rinker uses the lab results to make a diagnosis and prescribe your treatment.

There's also no downtime associated with lab work. You’ll be able to drive yourself home or back to work after your appointment.

Why are lab tests important?

Results from your lab tests provide critical clues and information for Dr. Rinker to detect, diagnose, and treat acute or chronic illnesses. Some tests are recommended at your annual check-up because it’s the best way for Dr. Rinker to catch a problem when it’s most treatable.

For rapid lab results and personalized attention, call Dr. Rinker’s office or book your appointment online.