Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Specialist

John Rinker, DO

Family Medicine & Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine located in Pontiac, IL

When you have Medicare, you’re entitled to an annual wellness visit that’s designed to prevent disease and disability as you age. If you live in or near Pontiac, Illinois, see John Rinker, DO for your yearly check-up. With a history of building lasting doctor-patient relationships, Dr. Rinker has the last privately owned family medical practice in the area. To schedule your Medicare annual wellness visit with a doctor who understands the effects of aging, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Q & A

What happens during a Medicare annual wellness visit?

Your Medicare annual wellness visit depends on your personalized prevention health plan. Designed by you and Dr. Rinker, this plan addresses disease and disability prevention and assesses your current risk factors.

Based on your individualized plan, you can expect a range of procedures to occur during your Medicare annual wellness visit. Dr. Rinker reviews your medical and family history as well as the doctors you see and your prescription medications.

He measures your height and weight and takes your temperature, blood pressure, and blood-oxygen levels. He may discuss any preventive procedures or immunizations you may need.

Dr. Rinker completes a thorough examination and discusses any issues or concerns he has. He also provides the opportunity for you to ask any questions. He offers you personalized health and medical advice to help optimize your overall health and wellness.

What risks are assessed during a Medicare annual wellness visit?

During your Medicare annual wellness appointment, Dr. Rinker may have you complete a Health Risk Assessment. This questionnaire asks you about your general health and daily habits. It may address:

  • Screening tests
  • Exercise and diet
  • Medications
  • Falls
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Mental health
  • Difficulty with daily activities

Based on your questionnaire answers, Dr. Rinker may ask more questions to gain a deeper understanding of your issues and risks.

What is the preventive “Welcome to Medicare” appointment?

After you enroll in Medicare, you have 12 months to schedule and attend the “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit. During this appointment, Dr. Rinker reviews your medical and social history.

Once he completes the review, he discusses any preventive services that are appropriate for you and may administer some the same day. This may include:

  • Vaccines or immunizations
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Height, weight, and body mass index measurements
  • Vision and hearing tests
  • Depression screening
  • Laboratory work, including blood and urine

Dr. Rinker may also discuss creating advance directives. Advance directives allow you to inform your family about how you would like your healthcare managed if you’re unable to make decisions on your own.

If you’re a Medicare patient and in need of an annual visit, contact Dr. Rinker. Call the office today to schedule an appointment or go online to book your initial consultation.