Osteopathic Manipulation Specialist

John Rinker, DO

Family Medicine & Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine located in Pontiac, IL

When you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to medical treatment, consider seeing a specialist in osteopathic manipulative therapy. John Rinker, DO practices both family medicine and osteopathic manipulative medicine in Pontiac, Illinois. Seeing patients of all ages, Dr. Rinker combines healing touch with traditional and modern medicine to help diagnose, treat, and prevent disease and injury. To learn more about osteopathic manipulative therapy or schedule your initial consultation, call the office or go online today.

Osteopathic Manipulation Q & A

What is osteopathic manipulative therapy?

Osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) focuses on the healing properties of touch.

Dr. Rinker uses his hands to move and manipulate your muscles and joints by stretching them and applying pressure and resistance. These techniques help restore your body’s homeostasis and can even stimulate its innate ability to self-heal.

Osteopathic manipulative therapy revolves around how the body’s systems work together to bring about maximum wellness. OMT focuses on reducing tension around muscles and nerves that may impact how other parts of the body function.

Utilizing a whole-person approach, Dr. Rinker may use OMT in combination with other medical treatments or use it to replace medications and surgical procedures. Osteopathic manipulative therapy is appropriate for both men and women, and Dr. Rinker can treat patients of all ages.

What does osteopathic manipulative therapy treat?

Dr. Rinker uses osteopathic manipulative therapy to treat a variety of conditions and ailments. He may recommend OMT to reduce muscle pain and increase joint mobility. He may also suggest OMT to help with:

  • Asthma
  • Sinus disorders
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Menstrual discomfort

Dr. Rinker also opts for OMT to help restore the body’s natural ability to heal.

What can you expect during osteopathic manipulative therapy?

When you see Dr. Rinker, he may use a combination of 40 traditional osteopathic manipulative therapy approaches. Some of the most common include:

  • Soft tissue: Dr. Rinker applies pressure and stretches to your muscles and soft tissues
  • Muscle energy: Dr. Rinker cues you to move your muscles in a specific direction while he counters that movement
  • Myofascial release: Dr. Rinker applies pressure to your fascia (the connective tissue around bones, muscles, and organs) to release tension
  • Osteopathic cranial manipulative medicine: Dr. Rinker uses soft pressure on different areas of your skull to stimulate your body’s natural healing response

These OMT techniques shouldn't cause any pain or lingering discomfort.

If you want to learn more about osteopathic manipulative therapy or think this hands-on approach can help with your pain and lack of mobility, contact Dr. Rinker’s office today. Call to schedule an appointment or use the online booking tool.